North Pulaski Baptist Association is an association of churches partnering to fulfill the Great Commission.

Who We Are


North Pulaski Baptist Association (NPBA) serves Southern Baptist Churches in the northern section Pulaski county in Central Arkansas.

North Pulaski Baptist Association is a body of 56 churches, missions and preaching points voluntarily cooperating together to better accomplish the task given to us by our Lord Jesus Christ in the

Missions and Ministry Center

The Missions and Ministry Center of North Pulaski Baptist Association exists to help our churches get “outside their walls” and into the community.  Whether it is volunteers recruiting volunteers, counseling or therapy, distributing food and clothing to those who need it, volunteer businesspersons teaching and encouraging ladies who are seeking to improve a lifestyle for themselves and their families


The Executive Leadership Team exists to support the Associational Missionary concerning the business and administration matters of the Association.  These teams and their terms of service are recommended by the Nomination Team (a sub-team appointed by the Executive Leadership Team to serve with the Nomination Representative of the Executive Leadership Team).  This team serves as

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