Who We Are

Who We Are


North Pulaski Baptist Association (NPBA) serves Southern Baptist Churches in the northern section Pulaski county in Central Arkansas.

North Pulaski Baptist Association is a body of 56 churches, missions and preaching points voluntarily cooperating together to better accomplish the task given to us by our Lord Jesus Christ in the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20).

Churches include Anglo, African-American, Hispanic and Korean congregations.  These churches offer a variety of worship styles, ministries and programs in order to meet the needs of the fast growing area of North Pulaski County.


  1. STRENGTHEN CHURCHES through Evangelism, Missions and Christian Growth.
  2. PROMOTE MISSIONS by encouraging commitment to Mission Studies, Mission Giving, and active participation in Volunteer Mission Projects.
  3. DEVELOP LEADERSHIP by providing training, support and assistance for improving and maturing the leadership members of NPBA Churches.
  4. NUTURE FELLOWSHIP by encouraging the membership and leaders of our churches to develop opportunities to cooperate and work together as Kingdom people.