Search Committee Assistance

At some point in time a church will find itself without a pastor.  It may be of interest for the leadership of that church to contact the Associational Missionary of the association to discuss assistance.  This is always a time of trauma for a church and the Associational Missionary is trained and experienced to give valuable guidance.  Since the interim period is such a crucial time, it is important for the church to make good decisions.  The AM is a valuable consultant for such an occasion.

The point at which a church elects their search committee is not immediately following the vacancy, but to seek advice first.  Many times we are in a hurry to find our next pastor when it is best to wait upon God to furnish His man for the job.

Options available for a church are to decide whether or not to enter into the intentional interim program, to obtain an interim while searching for a pastor, or to obtain pulpit supply before calling a pastor.  Another consideration for a church is where to obtain resumes and supply contacts.  The Associational Missionary is available to help with these decisions to help the church start its search productively.  In any case, the Search Committee should not be formed until several options are discussed and questions are answered.

Call on your Associational Missionary to assist during this crucial time.

Contact your associational office for more direction at 501.812.6999.