NPBA Minister’s Wives Fellowship

The life of a minister is complex and many times difficult.  Has anyone considered the wife?

High expectations are placed upon the minister’s wife and sometimes she feels like she is living in a glass house full of mirrors and magnifying glasses.  There have been times that some of these wives become so frustrated and they themselves are about to break as if they were made of glass, too.

The purpose of the NPBA Minister’s Wives Fellowship is simple: it is a way to provide minister’s wives to get to know one another, non-presumptiously, to have fun together and … basically, just be themselves.  No masks, no competition, no pretense, no expectations of each other.  It is a place to build friendships that can, many times, last a lifetime.  It is a place for you to be you.  It is a place where you find your friend, not someone else’s friend who is going to be your friend.

NPBAMWF is not a Bible study.  Go to Sunday School to get Bible study or attend a Bible study to receive spiritual knowledge there.  All pastor’s wives have enough to do at church than to find another “churchy” function to attend.  Said another way:  Break Time for Minister’s Wives in a safe environment so what is said here–stays here.

Could the meeting turn spiritual.  Absolutely, if it is what the Fellowship wants and needs at the time.  But the agenda for MWF is to have no agenda.