Ministers’ Conferences


NPBA is not unique in its assembly of theological lecturers, in that, our association is not unlike many other associations who have fully compensated pastors as well as partially compensated pastors.  All pastors are full-time, they are just compensated differently.  Therefore, since some pastors, having two employers, are prohibited from taking place in daytime conferences, we have a daytime conference for pastors (called Pastors’ Conference) and an evening conference (called Bi-vocational Pastors’ Conference).


It is the desire of all of the pastors of this association that each pastor could attend each meeting, but realizing the demands placed upon pastors and the burden to minister to congregations … it is not possible.  The invitations are there for the taking.





The Pastors’ Conference provides fellowship, inspiration and information for senior and staff ministers.  This atmosphere allows friendships to be made and bonding to occur – which, in turn, strengthens our churches.

The conference ordinarily meets on Tuesdays at 11:00 AM with the exception of holiday weeks and the summer months when the Winter Bible Study is held at the same time as the regular Pastor Conferences. The Winter Bible Study is conducted each week by a local pastor and lunch is provided by NPBA staff.

Each session varies in content and agenda.  The purpose of meeting is to give the pastors a tool for their tool belt which will be useful to them in the pastorate.  To promote camaraderie and sharing, the group goes to lunch together after the program.





Fellowship, inspiration, camaraderie, bonding and updates are the unwritten themes each time these pastors meet. 

The conference generally meets once each quarter on a Saturday morning from 9AM – Noon with the exception of occasional schedule adjustments to meet needs. Lunch is provided by NPBA.

Agendas vary from speakers to information about the happenings and upcoming events in which they will certainly want to be a part.  Everything happens in associational life to encourage, equip and engage.