NPBAOfficesNorth Pulaski Baptist Association was established October 17, 1961, at Sylvan Hills First Baptist Church.  It began with a charter of twenty-eight Southern Baptist Churches that were affiliated with the Pulaski Baptist Association of Central Arkansas.  NPBA hired its first Director of Missions in 1960, when they hired Dr. Marvin Peters.  Prior to Dr. Peters taking office, the association had a secretary with no Director for around twenty-five years.  Dr. Jerry Gay succeeded Dr. Peters in 2004 and remained the director till April 2015 when Dennis Wilkins was hired as the Associational Missionary, the position he still holds today.  The association transitioned to a metropolitan type association in 2012.  With a renewed vision to reach its community, working with metropolitan Central Arkansas, and dealing with businesses on a day to day operation, the association changed to an Executive Director leadership in 2012 with the opening of the Missions and Ministry Center and upon growing to sixty-five churches.  While it is largely a metro association, it is still endeared to the area it serves on the skirts of the metro area.  Many of these churches have been the backbone of NPBA and remain so to this day. Upon the hiring of Dennis Wilkins, the leadership title was changed to Associational Missionary to better reflect the operations of this position. Currently the association has approximately 55 churches it serves in the North Pulaski County area.