Church Secretary Support

December 22, 2016

Hello everyone,

I wanted to let everyone know so you can put on your calendar that the tentative date for this year’s Administrative Assistants luncheon is April 25th.  I haven’t determined a location yet, but hope to very soon after the first of the year.

I really hope that as many of you that can will attend as I am anxious to meet all of you.  I would like to visit each church, but that may not happen right away, so if you can come to the luncheon that would be a great time for us all to meet and get to know each other better.

If you have any suggestions for the luncheon, please let me know.  I am leaning more toward just a social time to meet and socialize, but if you want something more formal with a speaker, let me know your ideas.

Nancy Bryan

NPBA Administrative Asst.




NPBA assists the secretaries of our various member churches.

Secretaries Luncheons: North Pulaski Baptist Association recognizes our church secretaries with an annual luncheon each year held in April. Secretaries have a significant role in NPBA. Theirs is not just a job – it’s a ministry. The Association is grateful for the ministry of our Church Secretaries. The luncheon and program is planned to honor these faithful servants. At this time each secretary receives a gift in appreciation for their service and ministry.


Annual Church Profile Training: NPBA and the the Arkansas Baptist State Convention work together to make training available for all church clerks/secretaries for the Annual Church Profile. This includes hands-on computer training especially set up for this report. This should make the clerks/secretaries job a little easier.