Bi-Vocational Pastoral Support

Many of our small churches are pastored by bi-vocational pastors. These pastors have full time jobs in the secular world and, for the most part, they also have full-time pastorates. They and their families are tireless servants in our Lords Kingdom here on earth.

To assist these pastor’s, the NPBA endeavors to minister to these churches and their pastors through on-going contact by the Associational Missionary.

NPBA tries to recognize their ministry three to four times a year at bi-vocational pastors meetings on Saturday mornings from 9am to 12pm where topics relevant to them are discussed as well as food, fun and fellowship. This gives these pastors an opportunity to come together, since very few of them can attend regular association meetings because of work.

Some of these pastors have attended college and seminary and are well-educated men of God that have been called into this field of labor for Him. All of them covet your prayer support as they serve their church and our God faithfully week in and week out.

They are pastoring growing churches both in numbers, baptisms and building programs. These churches also help to support the financial needs of our association and the Southern Baptist Convention both state and national.

There has been very little written about the b-ivocational ministry, but it has existed since Paul’s ministry in the New Testament. A few known books on bi-vocational ministry are:

This is a vital ministry of our association. For that reason alone we should pray for this ministry every day. These pastors usually work for minimal salaries but they do a fantastic job for God’s kingdom preaching “the whole counsel of God” (Acts 20:27)